Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Oracle of Omaha Makes First Investment into Solar: Other Investors to Follow Buffett?

Billionnaire investor, Warren Buffett has acquired a $2 billion solar project. Through his utility company, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, Buffett adds to his portfolio of wind and geothermal, amongst other diversified sources of energy.  What does this mean for the industry on a wider scale? Here is what Dr. Walter Cicha of the National Research Council’s IRAP Program says, “Buffet treating PV solar like an infrastructure play should really be a big boost for the U.S. solar scene. This should inspire other (hopefully big) investors.” Has the Oracle of Omaha found some prophetic insight into the future success of solar energy or is it another great value play? Either way, he has probably found good business sense for the decision, something, like Dr. Cicha suggests, should invite more investors to choose clean energy investments.

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