Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A perfect case for Systems Architecture

Working on the energy efficiency and sustainability part of the proposal for the multi-purpose community facility. The footprint of the building is 120 x 240 ft. The location is Sun Peaks Resort in the Interior of British Columbia. Elevation 1400m. Temperature range is -30C to + 30C. Significant load of snow during winter time. The primary (and the only in winter) use of the facility will be an ice-rink. In summer it is envisioned to be used for basketball and / or tennis courts.  In spring and autumn  it should  convert  into the venue for conventions and trade shows.  All these dictate the need  for airtight and well insulated structure -  for ice quality, climate control, humidity control  and sound protection.  It is proposed to utilize geothermal system  to draw energy for ice-making, as well as heating area
around the rink.  An excess heat would be used for heating of the adjacent building. At Sun Peaks, due to aquifer limitations vertical drilling can not be used. Horizontal loops must be considered instead.

This project is perfect case to take advantage of System Architecture principles to design, implement and operate the facility. The project implements a number of  innovative technologies and approaches to construction.    Modular design. Phased implementation. Flexible operation.
- Non-corroding aluminum structure and special fabric / sprung stressed membrane panels engineered to meet and exceed building codes.
- Low-emissivity roof, allowing to significantly reduce energy demand and improve quality of ice
- Strategically located translucent skylight provides natural sunlight with protection from harmful rays
- Night time low energy and high efficiency overhead lighting
- Energy efficient ice plant with thermal storage buffer and high-density foam insulation.
- Optimized ice rink pipe layout
- Heat transfer from ice to surrounding area, also allowing sharing excess heat with an adjacent facility
- Utilizing non-toxic refrigerant  with no ammonia usage.
- Energy efficient split space heating and de-humidification system.
- Efficient thermal and sound envelope insulation.

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