Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Invitation for Discussion

Sounds like another lobby. I heard the argument that making a new home solar ready will increase the cost of construction. It is not serious argument, considering $300 conduit comparing to $100,000 or $200, 000  and sometimes a million dollar house.
This is looking not further one's own nose - in just few years, when they will want to install solar, looking at the neighbors and everyone around, it will cost them much more to break the walls and ceilings to pull the pipes through ..
...With prices on the rise (BC Hydro 6% this year and 3% every year, but they wanted more, Propane up 11.5% from December 1st) the picture is changing more in favor of alternative or hybrid systems..
The cost recovery in 5-6 years is realistic. It is proven not only by "theory", but by practice - North Van
condo building is just one of many successful solar installations. (Europe has much more proven track
record than we are in North America). Yes, the availability and accessibility of the roof area, shading and other factors may affect the efficiency of the solar system. I should add it will also be affected by the poor or plainly wrong design and installation - I know examples of that, and they are negatively affecting public perception.  The solar industry, however, is at the same stage today where computers were 15-20 years back. Today we have products, which were not here just 2-3 years ago. The prices are also falling, which makes economic case even stronger.

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