Saturday, June 2, 2012


Efficient building may incorporate multiple components from autonomous electricity generation system to waste water regeneration and number of others. Many of the components have overlapping functions. A specific combination of those components and its interconnection should be determined based on the needs of the specific building as a system. 
Aero-Solar Predictive Algorithm (ASPA) is an automated Knowledge-Based Algorithm, accelerating and enhancing the decision-making on the optimal configuration of the performance thermal energy system for a building, facility or a building complex. It is built on the principles of Systems Architecture, and comparing to other products operating within the same space, it has an advantage of being multi-dimensional (i.e. considering a full set of existing or potential technology) rather than being optimized by one specific parameter.
The ASPA project has been developed with support from IRAP funding by National Research Council of Canada.  

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