Friday, March 23, 2012

Future Now ?

I was born on October 4, 1957 - under the Sputnik star. From the early childhood I always thought the future is in space. I went to aeronautics and launching rockets into space. Some call me "Russian Rocket Scientist". Years went by and I realized that our future depends on the future of the planet we live on.  

Living still on Earth and not in space, one cannot fail to notice what is happening to the planet. Global pollution, greenhouse effect and global warming, depletion of fossil fuels (oil peak) combined with increased demand leads to rising energy costs. This puts a huge strain on the economy, businesses and an ordinary person. This trend will continue with ever increasing pace, this creating a real need and a push toward alternative solutions.  

 I came back to Earth, so to speak, in order to utilize my "space experience" for the better future here.

Do you see similarity between these two images above? The first is the ascent trajectory of the vehicle being launched into orbit. If the correct trajectory is not precisely hold on to, the vehicle may leave the Earth orbit or, more likely, will fall back and burn in the atmosphere. The second is the graph of global energy (read "oil") production and consumption. The possible outcomes are very similar to the previous case. As a civilization,  how can we find a thin line which will put us on sustainable trajectory?  

There is a number of various competing technologies on the market at the moment, from tested and proven successful, to new and exotic.  Questions arise:
1) How can end-user navigate in the flood of the offerings and choose what suites best for his/her specific conditions?
2) How can they make the best use of the chosen technology?
3) How do they integrate it into their building or business operation?
3) How can they ensure that the technology will continue to be efficient throughout its lifetime?
4) Finally, how can they overcome a real challenge of paying for the new technology, which is not cheap, 
even if it is getting less expensive?

We have answers to all those questions.

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