Saturday, May 5, 2018

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign

We need energy for everything in our lives. However, when a disaster or unexpected failure strikes, we're faced with many serious problems. We can’t survive without energy for long! Moreover, hundreds of millions of people around the world don’t have access to reliable and affordable energy. At Ascent Systems, we developed a solution that can serve as an uninterrupted source of clean energy on demand. No fuel, no emissions, anywhere in the world! We want to bring it to the people.
This is why we are launching a crowdfunding campaign: Autonomous Mobile Energy System.

After the Hurricane Maria hit in 2017, Puerto Rico was left without power for 8 months (see previous post)! In February 2018, earthquake in Mexico left half a million homes without power. Today we heard about the flood in Kenya and a volcano eruption in Hawaii. With the power lost it is not just lights – everything needs energy: businesses cannot function without it, schools cannot operate without computers or equipment, hospitals without hot water and so on. It costs not only money but also human lives. In Florida, people died in a senior housing because air-conditioning didn’t work. These events are becoming more frequent and more severe. Hundreds of millions of people live in a permanent state of disaster such as refugee camps, war zones, epidemics and other humanitarian crises. For them access to energy and clean water (which also requires energy) is a matter of life or death.

Today, when energy is needed on demand, practically the only solution is diesel generators, which require constant supply of fuel. There are several problems with this solution: 1) cost of fuel delivery can be high and it accumulates with the time; 2) burning fossil fuels creates emissions harmful for environment; but perhaps the most important, 3) a disruption of fuel supply, which is very likely in places where it is needed the most, will leave vulnerable people without source of energy and, in many cases, jeopardize lives.     
Unfortunately, renewable energy technologies are still expensive, intermittent in energy generation and can hardly be portable.

Drawing on our experience in space applications, we have designed an Autonomous Mobile Energy System (AMES). It combines advantages of several technologies in one module. It can fit into a standard shipping container, be delivered to any geographical location in the world, get rapidly deployed and serve as an uninterrupted source of clean energy on demand. The brain of the system is control software, which uses real-time data from the built-in sensors and machine learning algorithm for optimal decision making.

We are currently testing our technology on the research facility at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. We received support from the Government of Canada. Now we need $100,000 in order to complete the research and development and build a full-scale prototype for field testing.

People, justifiably, only believe in something new when they actually see it working. This is why we need to build a full-scale prototype, test in the field and demonstrate its efficiency. We have all ingredients for success: a great concept, space-inspired technology and a highly skilled and passionate team. We just need your help to push it through.

You can help in one or more of the following ways:
- Contribute to the campaign, any amount would be greatly appreciated
- Get the word out about Ascent and Autonomous Mobile Energy System, tell you friends, post on Facebook, twitter etc.
- You can donate in kind, or offer your expertise
- We are open to new partnerships or equity investment


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