Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ascent - Connecting Technologies

Previously we talked about the Future of Grid. With all the latest natural disasters - hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes - it is time to talk about the future without grid now. Ascent Systems Technologies developed a concept of a Universal Energy Module. It combines advantages of state of the art solar technology, smart energy storage and energy booster in one integrated package. Thanks to the optimized configuration the system can fit in a small shipping container and quickly delivered to any geographical location in the world with no access to grid, such as remote communities, temporary accommodations, but especially to disaster sites in desperate need of power, heat, and hot water. Once delivered to the site, the module would automatically deploy itself to serve as a fully autonomous source of uninterrupted clean energy regardless of the time of the day or weather conditions.

Multiple modules can be combined into an array for increased capacity.  

Modules deployed in different geographical locations would be connected via intelligent network for constant monitoring of environments parameters and system performance. Welcome to energy freedom!

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