Thursday, August 29, 2013

Electric Aircraft - Part 2. Solar

PC-Aero (see the previous post Electric Aircraft)  joined forces with SolarWorld  to build the first close-to-production solar electric aircraft SolarWorld e-One. Powered by the electric motor, which derives energy from  crystalline PV cells, mounted on the upper surface of the wings, which charge a lithium-ion battery.

SolarWorld e-One

MTOW 300 kg
empty weight
(without batteries)
100 kg
battery weight 100 kg
payload 100 kg
wing span 13 m
wing surface 10 m
max. engine power 16 kW
max. range up to 1,000 km
max. endurance more than 8 hours
cruise 140 km/h
aspect ratio 16.9
best glide ratio 33
certification Ultralight class Germany (LTF-UL)

The solar electric plane generates neither CO2 nor other emissions, producing also no sound pollution.  This may be the beginning of a new era in aviation history – and along with electric cars and electric boats (see Solar Ship) is an important step towards an emission-free future of mobility.

While on the ground, the lithium-ion battery is charged of the solar hangar.

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