Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adams Lake "green" vision

On August 2nd I had a chance to visit the Adams lake Indian Band and speak with the Band Manager. That was quite an interesting and eye-opening meeting. Adams Lake Indian Band has initiated several significant projects in the area of sustainable energy. Among them: a number of micro-hydro projects, test wind tower at Sun Peaks and possibly solar farms. Other plans include a fully "green" resort village  on Shuswap Lake and others. One cannot fail to admire the scale of these plans and their commitment to environmental sustainability.

I also had a chance to see their newly retrofit gymnasium facility and was quite impressed. This is totally not what I thought it was. They basically have two rotating towers on the roof, with the large number of solar thermal flat panels attached to one side of each tower at almost perfect angle.

In the morning the towers look to the East, midday, when I was there, to the South, and in the evening - to the West. Quite an assembly! The facility is also equipped wit the geothermal system. Combined they are expected to provide at least 50% of energy required for heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs.

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