Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to build SUV (Sustainabe University Village)

Vision of the City
SUV is more than a science or technology park: it is a full-fledged city, though it is a special city in which creativity is the rule rather than an exception; a prototype for the city of the future. The Innovation Centre ensures optimal conditions for research and business as well as creates a rich and aesthetically appealing urban environment that is equally convenient for both guests and residents. The city’s main backbone elements is the Technopark. Alongside them will be a Congress Centre, various office and laboratory buildings, residential buildings, fitness facilities and stores. Particular attention is paid to parks and other public spaces. The layout of the Innovation Centre calls for housing to be built in close proximity to workplaces. Rapid rail transit and well-planned road junctions provide quick access to the downtown.

SUV is a city with an open code that aims to rebuild the surrounding world in accordance with its principles, a city set up for a variety of meetings that facilitates communication with special attention to the areas of education, business and public housing. The central zone, with its colorful architecture and unique opportunities for communication, attracts residents from the adjacent areas. The city’s buildings serve as public spaces that are fully open to visitors and suited for different functions. Residents and resident companies take active part in discussions on the urban development strategy and influence the decisions made by the governing body using a range of public mechanisms. The city seeks to implement innovative solutions aimed at improving the urban environment on its territory. The urban planning innovations developed and put into practice in the city set a standard for any municipality in the world.

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