Monday, August 29, 2011

Glimpse into the Future

Here is a brief report on the tour we were given through the UBC CIRS building last Friday.
Very good impression overall, nice design, well-used structural and finishing wood, efficient
use of natural light. They used embedded in the glass photo elements, which look nice on the
skylights and on the window awnings. The building incorporates almost every existing (at least
at the time it was conceived) "sustainable" technologies, from PV, to geo and solar thermal, to
heat recovery and rainwater collection and regeneration. There is also a number of "high-tech"
features, like big screen at the entrance,  touch-pad conference table from Microsoft and other.
Another big contributor is Honeywell. The building has quite impressive theatre. The middle of
the building made as a closed loop is taken by the garden (on the roof of the second floor). Semi-
detached portion o the building at the front houses a bio-processing facility.

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